Veronica Razo

Founder and CEO Veronica Razo is a recognized name in the tax return preparation and accounting world in the latino and hispanic community in Oxnard. She is a veteran of over 19 tax seasons, the founder of EcoTax, and is committed to be making a change in the community.

​Every year, Americans are faced with the prospect of tax return preparation. Although many will try to do it alone, every year more turn to a tax consultant like EcoTax. Our goal is to provide the feeling of a personal tax consultant alongside the security, confidence, and protection that a large company can provide. EcoTax continues to firmly establish its growing presence and increasing market share in the personal income tax industry.

EcoTax Service started in Oxnard in 2015 when CEO Veronica Razo had work for a Law Office the last 14 years and continues to expand, offering personal income tax service and more.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, convenience and support to our clients to enable all clients to meet their tax filing obligations as efficiently as possible. Here at EcoTax we strive to educate our clients in order that their tax filing decisions are made with a level of knowledge that enables accurate and timely fulfillment of their tax obligations.

EcoTax is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. We endeavor to know and understand your tax situation and provide you with only the most accurate information available and the  highest quality services and products to help you meet your tax filing obligations.

Experience drives every EcoTax consultant, and it's experience that has made us capable of such remarkable growth in a short period of time. One of the things that makes EcoTax is our tax return preparation personal has consistently been recognized for our customer satisfaction, not just personal income tax also small businesses.